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Love makeup but don't know where to start?

Its time to Invest yourself to gain the skills and confidence to empower and shine on any occasion.

This personalised 1- on 1 makeup lesson is tailored just for you! From skincare to makeup routine, Mariane will dive deep into the products step by step with you and customise the lesson exclusively designed to enhance your natural beauty.

Model Applying Lipstick

"Personalized 1-on-1 Makeup Lessons Tailored Just for You!


Gain the skills and confidence to recreate your favourite looks independently, empowering you to shine on any occasion.

- Discover the ultimate makeup experience with Mariane as she dives deep into understanding your unique makeup routine, including the products you use, your strengths, and areas for improvement. By considering factors like your skin type, skin tone, daily life, personal style, and preferred looks, Mariane will customise the lesson exclusively designed to enhance your natural beauty.

- During your session, you'll master all the essentials, starting with in-depth product knowledge and the correct usage of makeup brushes and application. allowing you to confidently create stunning looks that showcase your best features.

- The Lesson will be conducted step by step where Mariane applies make up to one side of your face as you replicate on the other side.

Thank you for your interest in Occasional Makeup and hair at our studio in Wolli Creek.

Book your studio appointment today by filling out the below enquiry form.

Travel makeup bookings may be available depending on availability & location.


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