Perfect Bridal Look

Woman in love and smile with confidence are the most beautiful, we are here to add that extra touch.


Be timeless and unique.

We are here to accentuates your beauty.


A look that is seamlessly bringing together your fairy tale with the makeup and hair.

We are ready and waiting for you to say YES!

Be True To Who You Are



Hi I am


I am a Sydney asian bridal makeup artist & hairstylist.

I believe that beauty is universal and makeup can build up a person's style and attitude. I enjoy the collaborative process involved in wedding, photoshoot, or any professional work that I do.


I had the chance to collaborate with many talented photographers and models for different events and shows in  TV and Fashion Shows.

The art behind bridal makeup is to enhance each bride's features and create a look to suit them and what they feel best in.

As a Sydney asian bridal makeup artist, its important to be versatile in your style to translate your brides vision and bring it to reality.



From My Brides

"You have outdone more than what a makeup artist should do, you are the best investment I have made for my wedding! "