Photographer: Clarzzique

Makeup and Hair: Mariane

Florist: Sweetbride

Rosa has 2 style for her wedding.

The first one is for the Ceremony with natural makeup and Half up half down hairstyle. There can be a lot of circumstances such as wind, rain and heat etc that affect the makeup and hair. We decided to have this hairstyle because this is perfect for outdoor wedding. The hair is down but even if its windy, the hair will not block the face and will not be in a mess, moreover Rosa looks really romantic with this hairstyle and show her features with the middle parting.

The second style is for her Reception. We have the modern retro waves with a side part. This looks perfect with her silk white dress and she looks really feminine with it. For the makeup, we make it a bit heavier with stronger eyeshadows and contour with shading and highlights. Remember to have the right colour shade for your foundation and contour, otherwise you will have 2 different colours between your neck and face.

Look at the last last photo she has her First Dance with Jason! We are very impressed with how long lasting and perfect this hairstyle looks on Rosa.

Photographer: Two Peaches Photography

Makeup & Hair: Mariane

Anna and Samuel are one of my favourite couples.

Anna told me I am Ms Sunshine because it kept raining back then in NZ and the weather forecast was not looking good but it just changed when I landed NZ. Thanks Anna and Samuel for driving me all the way from the airport to our Airbnb for an hour and sending me to NZ for this photoshoot. Everything just turns out so perfectly and

I felt so delightful to have Anna offered me to travel to Hong Kong for her wedding makeup and hair service but unfortunately i couldn’t make it due to another booking. I just can’t thank enough to have met lovely and friendly couples in my makeup life.

Photographer: Aliki Anadena

Makeup & Hair: Mariane Shao

Julie and her husband travelled all the way from Hong Kong to Sydney for their post wedding photoshoot. However the day was not as good and about to rain, so we reschedule to the day before they were going to return back to Hong Kong. Luckily it turns out really good in the photos and i felt so grateful with these photos as it turns out so romantic and I really love how the makeup and hair look in the photos.

Julie is such a lovely girl. She has massive big eyes and a very cute smile. I felt so much honoured to be part of her journey. Everytime I have brides that come from Hong Kong, i feel the sense of belonging as I can speak cantonese with them and Hong Kong is such a beautiful city.

Note: Hong Kong girls always look after their skin well and it does help the makeup artist to create a flawless dewy base for your Big Day.

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