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How can I achieve filtered makeup in wedding photos?

There are a lot to consider.

First of all, its the lighting.

Take a photo in bad yellow lighting and your makeup will turn so yellowish and look much older.

Or if you have lighting right above you eg. natural lighting at noon, the sun hits right on top of you and you will have all the shadows and flaws show.

Here is Helen, one of my favourite brides.

This photo is taken under natural light with her trial makeup.

Natural lighting is the best because this is how other people see you as well.

I don't like to use Ring light because its artificial light and it definitely gives you the best looking photo hiding all the flaws but you can't carry ring light or filters around.

Also, I want to emphasize how important to wear white for the trial.

Can you tell the difference between the above and the photo below that she wears the green blazer?

Most likely you’re wearing white or ivory on your wedding day, so it’s helpful to wear the same to your trial. This will help making sure the colors in your clothing aren’t reflecting on your face, and bold colors or patterns won’t throw off the hues of the colors being used.

For example if you plan to go for a pink lip, it’s never going to look right with a red top!

Wearing white that fits loosely around the neck area let me see the skin tone properly and gives the bride a better understanding as to how a white or ivory dress might look against their bridal makeup look.

Second, its your skin.

Skin is 90% of your selfie; and remember, you can't bring filters with you in reality. People look at you face to face and they can see your skin textures and pores. I mean, we are human, having these flaws are normal. People can see how thick your foundation is and C'mon~ why don't you just look after your skin well and you will look gorgeous even without makeup. Trust me, you will be so proud of yourself having clean skin.

Helen has amazing skin. We both love how clear and timeless this makeup looks on her. The natural glow and dewiness brings out the elegance in her.

Individual lashes are applied because she doesn't usually put on makeup and individuals definitely feel lighter and more natural (which is what she is after) for her wedding.

I have to make sure you feel the most comfortable and love the makeup on your wedding day.

So I have asked Helen what is her secret to achieve such a flawless skin, and she told me she uses this mask.

So girls, try this and see if this works for you too.

Bare in mind that Helen has normal skin type which means her skin has balanced hydration and moisture.

Third, its photoshop.

Photos can be altered. This could be editing and filters.

But remember, its expensive to have the photographers edit every single photos.

This is how Helen looks on her wedding day in her hotel room which is indoor lighting with her robe and veil using my Iphone 12.

Can you tell the difference already with indoor and outdoor lighting?

Have a look at below photos as well taken by the professional photographer by Deppicto . How they edit the photo (which is their style) also change how the makeup look in photos.

What do you think after reading all this information?

Feel free to comment below and let me know what you have in your mind :)

To be honest, this is a never ending topic and I think I may cover this a bit more later if you are interested. :)

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