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PRODUCT REVIEW: AHC Aesthetic Layering Solution Brightening Mask

I found this mask quite interesting because I never see a mask with a swap. And this is a Vitamin Peeling Swap that clarifies pores and skin by removing dead skin cells.

Its a bit gross, but you can see the swap is a bit yellowish after I wipe my face. ( I washed my face beforehand)

After 10mins, I took the mask out because it is already dry, (its winter currently and I think my skin is lack of moisture) And then I massage the rest of the essence into my skin and its quickly absorbed.

It does give me radiance and glow after the application, but it does not really brighten my skin and it turns a bit red around my nose area.

However, i think I dont mind that because I know it will calm down after and I kind of focus the swap around that area to remove dead skin cells. And the other down side is it feels a bit sticky so I would recommend to use this at night before sleep and this can act as a moisture layer to protect your skin from dehydration at night.

Will I buy this mask again?

Yes I will, but probably I will only use it once a month since it comes with the swap and I really like the swap for extra cleaning purpose from weekly exfoliation. And I will use the mask some other days that can act as a daily hydration boost.


1. After facial washing, dry your face with a towel. Wipe the areas of dead skin cells including nose with Vitamin Peeling Swap in a circular motion

2. Place the Clearing Sheet Mask on your face, adjusting to fit the facial features.

3. Remove the sheet mask after 10-20 minutes.

4. Pat gently until the remaining essence is absorbed.

Purchase Link:

I got this from my korean bride as a gift when she travels back to Korea.

I couldn't find the link to purchase but Oliveyoung do have the same mask but for soothing purpose.

Let me know if you ever tried this mask and if you like it or not!

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