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Joey & Matt's Wedding

Photographer: Aliki

Makeup & Hair: Mariane

Joey and Matt's wedding happened during the beginning of COVID and fortunately it doesnt have to be rescheduled (while restriction applies) as this is a small wedding with her family and best friends.

Joey is definitely one of my best brides in 2020. As most of you know, asian natural hair colour looks really dark and texture doesn't show in photos.

I still remember Joey's hair was quite dark and I recommended her to dye her hair to ash brown for her wedding so the texture will show more of the definition in photos. As you can see the below photos, her hair stands out a lot especially under the sun which looks so gorgeous not only with her makeup but also complementing Matt's navy blue outfit.

I always give the best recommendation to my brides and I am so grateful that most of my brides listen to my opinion which changes their wedding vibes and style to what they dream of. (A slight change makes a difference and sometimes you just don't know what it is and just feel like something is missing) Some of them even told me my suggestions bring them to another level of their fashion and beauty sense. :)

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