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You may be wondering for a long time, what does makeup primer do?

There are so many in the market so which one should I use?

Well, if you have these questions in your mind, I am going to answer you right now.

There are 3 different types of makeup primer:

  1. Skincare

  2. Colour correction

  3. Texture


- Moisture: for dry skin, boost the skin glow & hydration for better adhesion.

- Oil Control: control & mattify shine so your makeup can be more long- lasting.

I personally don't really use the skincare primer on my clients because I always do a thorough skincare routine on them and in my opinion, further skincare primer will just overload your skin.


- Purple: neutralize yellow undertone & to brighten up your skin tone.

I mostly apply it around the chin area and mostly T-zone and cheek area if my client's skin is dull and yellowish around those areas.

I have been using MAKEUP FOREVER purple corrector for a long time and you just need to apply a little bit.

- Green: neutralize red undertone for prone skin such as acnes & breakouts.

- Pink: add luminosity to skin that are tired and spiritless and anemic.

- Yellow: knock out purple tones on the skin/ dark circles (I mainly apply to brighten up the shades of eye bags.)

- Orange/ Peach: conceal blue dark circle/ bruises.

MAC STUDIO FIX CONCEAL AND CORRECT PALETTE is my Go-To products and a little goes a long way.

3. Texture

- blur the pores

It fills the pores and smooth out the skin with a silky finish. I found it does dry out skin a little bit so if you have dry skin, remember to prep your skin well.

I have repurchased this product over and over again and still can't find any other similar products to replace it. This is best applied by your finger tips, makeup brushes don't do as good.

However if you have really enlarged pores, this may not work as promised.

Have you tried any other makeup primer and think they are working well on your skin?

Please feel free to comment below and share with me so I can also try it out.

Photo reference are all from their official website.

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